CHAMPLAIN SOFTWARE is a division of Para Research, Inc.

Established in 1972, Para Research Inc. is one of the premiere IBM AS/400 Accounting Software houses in the country. Corporate offices are located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. A leader in using new technologies Para Research was one of the earliest and largest independent suppliers of business software for the IBM computers.

Para Research Inc. acquired Champlain Software, a provider of College Administrative Software, in 1993. At that time PCs were still in their infancy and Champlain Software’s complex programs were designed to run on the IBM AS/400 – the powerful “mini” computers built for speed and processing power.

Over time, as PCs improved, Champlain Software moved their products to the PC platform. Now, Champlain Software’s CAMPUS PORTAL is WEB-based giving users the ultimate in flexibility in meeting the needs of today’s more mobile, demanding educational environments . CAMPUS PORTAL provides College Administration SOFTWARE for Admissions, Registration, Bursar, Alumni Relations, and Fundraising.

Back in 1972 the company was started in the basement of an abandoned church once established by the granite quarry workers of Cape Ann Massachusetts. Processing was done with paper punch tickets and the founders of the company slept on the old concrete floor while they created the first software products. Today the company occupies a historic brick office building on one of the main thoroughfares between Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts – with ocean views and a continuing pride in our software products and software services.

Our vision was – and has always been – to provide a workhorse product at an affordable price.

CHAMPLAIN SOFTWARE provides management solutions to small colleges – at a flat price --without hidden fees. Call us today for a demo at 978-282-1115

Or email:   demo@champlainsoftware.com