Spend more time with people, not paperwork.

Admissions will enable you to automatically maintain direct, personalized communications with potential students,  to track critical pieces of applicant documentation, and to create a full profile for each recruit - critical elements in any successful recruitment or admissions program.

Admissions Recruit, Education and Traits Screens:

  • Collect, store and access a wealth of in-depth information about each of your prospective students, including the results of each marketing contact.  Unlimited user defined fields, `Traits' are available for creating a complete prospect profile.
  • Quick Entry screens customized to meet your specific data entry requirements.
  • Contact Management - A complete contact management system, for tracking an unlimited number of contacts with each prospect, is available.
  • In-depth historical data about your recruiting efforts can be maintained, for greater ease in spotting trends and developing sound marketing strategies for the future.
  • You can easily target your mailings to specific interest groups on your or within your prospect pool.
  • "Contact Templates" can be created, providing a sophisticated direct marketing system for each prospect, that produces automatic, personalized, time-sequenced communications (letters, videos, publications, follow-up contacts, etc.).
  • Tight integration with word processing software so you can generate personalized, business quality letters and other mailings in an efficient, cost-effective manner, according to the schedule you determine in advance.
  • You can quickly locate prospective students on file through our user-friendly name search programs.

Admissions Applicant, Test and Requirements Screens:

Admissions Features:

  • Seamless integration of data. Eliminates the need to re-enter information and greatly reduces the possibility of copying errors.
  • Quick Entry Application Screens customized to meet your specific application requirements.
  • Unlimited, user defined Application Events.  If you require it on your application, you can enter it in Admissions.
  • Complete history of application status.  From receipt, to final determination, a complete timeline of an applications progress.
  • Allows you to collect, store, and access a wealth of in-depth information about each of your applicants and eliminates the need for cumbersome paper files of applicant information, records, and historical data.
  • Required Documentation tracking, with the ability to set an unlimited number of required documents tailored for each applicant.
  • Continues correspondence established during recruitment with an ongoing series of personalized communications including the ability to generate missing documentation letters.
  • Test Score tracking - An unlimited number of user defined test scores can be maintained for each applicant.
  • Prior Names?  Not a problem with Alias tracking and reporting.
  • Gives you the ability to examine and compare historical data, for greater ease in identifying trends and forecasting future enrollment.
  • Complete prior education history, with details regarding degrees, awards, grade points, rank, etc. can be maintained for each recruit/applicant.
  • Allows you to evaluate the status of all applications and effectively manages the transition of an applicant to an enrolled student.