Support your alumni and they will support you.

Champlain Software recognizes the increasingly important role of fund raising in all academic institutions.  fx/Advance supports all aspects of fund raising activities (e.g., pledge reminders, letters, etc.), and generates reports that help the Development office plan its strategies.  This module may also be used for "alumni tracking" to help maintain an up-to-date network of graduates.

Alumni Constituent, Gifts, and Pledge Edit Screens:

Alumni Constituent, Alias, Relations, Relations Screens:

  • Unlimited Address Types including foreign and seasonal addresses.
  • Maintains extensive information on past donors, potential donors, and special givers, including their individual donation histories.  Unique ``Trait" file can be customized to track the specific information required by your institution.
  • Complete Contact Management System allows you to keep detailed information on each contact and create automated timed letters for each donor.
  • Allows the processing and tracking of multiple fund-raising campaigns simultaneously.
  • Creates historical records of all pledge and gift-giving activity chronologically, allowing many years of information to be maintained on file. 
  • Maiden and Former Name Search.
  • Relationship Tracking.  Individuals and corporations can be linked through the Relationship Tracking System.  Relationship tracking can also be used to form groups of individuals or corporations for reporting and campaign purposes