Keep track of student financial accounts & needs

Bursar combines student billing, cash receipts, financial aid links, and interfaces to third party accounting applications within one application.  All relevant registration and student services data is considered by fx/Bursar to calculate accurate student bills.  Bill calculation and printing can be accomplished immediately, for one student, or for multiple students.

fx/Bursar will allow you to create timely student invoices, combining information from fx/Registrar and your financial aid office into a consolidated, accurate reflection of your students accounts.  The ability to interface fx/Scholar with industry leading fund and for profit accounting applications will ensure that you can maintain the highest level of accounting standards.  fx/Bursar is a specialized accounts receivable package that will simplify the process of student charge generation and student account tracking.

Bursar Billing Accounts and Transactions Screen:

  • Direct interaction with all relevant information from fx/Registrar for timely and accurate charge generation.
  • An extremely flexible standard charge table that will enable you to consider a wide range of variables when creating initial student charges. 
  • Ability to tie charges to a specific course.  Program, division, residency, full or part time status and other selection criteria can further break down specific charges.
  • Financial Aid links that will enable immediate access to pending financial aid credits for a more accurate perspective on each student's financial responsibilities.
  • Multiple registration semesters can be tied to a single billing term.
  • Flexible bill production programs for printing one bill or many, at any time.
  • Posts transactions through the business office interface to a number of popular third party accounting packages.

Bursar Billing Account, Addresses, and Address Edit Screens:

Cash Receipts Features

The cash receipts application within fx/Bursar provides a secure data entry point for all your cash receipts.  Each operator is able to initiate a separate "batch" for ease of reconciliation.  Batches of receipts can be closed out and balanced at any time, reducing the time spent locating errors and reconciling bank statements.

  • Automatically and immediately update student accounts as payments are made, or they can be delayed and posted at a later date.
  • Process  cash disbursements as well as receipts.
  • Transactions can be recorded as cash, check or credit card payments and are reflected on the student's bill.
  • Multiple copies of the receipt can be printed instantly.

Bursar Cash Receipts Screen:

  • Each workstation can operate as a separate cash drawer, allowing each user to easily balance all funds received.
  • Allows constant entry of cash receipts, even while previous batches are being verified and closed out.
  • The screens are designed for minimal data entry and maximum error checking.
  • Posts transactions through the Business Office Interface to a number of popular third party accounting packages.

Bursar Fees and Fee Edit Screens:

Financial Aid Interface Features

All relevant financial aid data can be transferred, on demand to fx/Bursar.  This capability will enable other offices to review appropriate financial aid information for each student.  Pending awards can be printed on student bills to provide students and parents a more accurate financial picture.

  • Offers a seamless bridge between EDE, Sara and Micro-Faids financial aid processing packages.  (EDE, Spring 1998, SARA and Power-FAIDS, Summer 1998)
  • Enables other offices to review student financial aid data, on demand.
  • Pending awards can be included on the student bill to present a more complete financial picture.
  • Financial Aid awards can be distributed, in batch, to the student billing file.

Business Office Interface Features

Champlain Software believes that the business office interface offers a ``best-of-both-worlds" solution to an institution looking to enhance its Student and Alumni data management capabilities, while at the same time, allowing the financial staff to enjoy the convenience and stability of an established accounting software package. The impact of a system change is greatly reduced for the financial staff of the institution.

  • Allows the Business Office to continue using an industry-recognized third party package while still receiving automated entries from the Champlain Software Student Billing Module and/or Champlain Software Cash Receipts Module.
  • Accounting summary report is automatically generated at time of batch posting.
  • General Ledger Export posting files available for many third party accounting applications.