Guide your students in the right direction

Registrar will allow you to streamline your registration process, create timely transcripts and grade mailings, and maintain a complete biographical profile for each of your students.

Registrar also provides the advising and retention information required to ensure that you are meeting your students needs.  A full degree audit program is a standard feature in fx/Registrar.  Advisors will have the information they need to guide your students in the right direction.

    Registrar Student Enrollment and Enrollment Edit Screens:

  • Registration features pre-requisite, co-requisite, and course availability checking, interactive waiting list, and provides information on scheduling conflicts.
  • Allows multiple staff members to simultaneously access the registration program and perform all the registration functions necessary, culminating in the printing of the individual student schedule.
  • The grading process is streamlined with a quick and easy grade entry program.
  • Housing and meal information can be maintained through the use of unlimited user defined `Traits' and Academic Events.
  • Reduces errors by providing all pertinent registration information to the Billing office for student charge generation.
  • Registrar Student, Academic Events, and Events Edit Screen:

  • 'Academic Events', from class standing, to probation, can be tracked and reported.  An unlimited number of events can be assigned to each student.  Events can trigger registration holds, be tied to specific semesters, contain beginning and end dates, and contain full descriptions and notes.
  • Contact management features are available, allowing time tracked correspondence, and the ability to maintain detailed notes on each contact made with a student.
  • Facilitates academic advising with Catalog Requirements Analysis: an automated comparison of student's courses with degree requirements.
  • Provides comprehensive management reports derived from a matrix of statistical information, course capacities and vacancies, comprehensive student profile data, financial data and much more.
  • Provides transcripts, prints student schedules and grade reports, streamlines the add/drop process and eliminates redundant data entry.
  • Registrar Course Master and Course Scheduling Screens:

  • Allows creation of a Course Catalog, with full course abstracts, and Course Master Schedules.  Multiple semesters can be maintained concurrently, each with its own set of start, end and other critical dates.
  • Scheduled courses can have an unlimited number of instructors, meeting times, and meeting rooms.